Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Job, USA

When I was little, all the things we learned about U.S. History seemed so far away. The last thing I thought George Washington was was an actual man, even though they told us he used to ride his horse around the Connecticut streets I grew up riding my bike on.

As I got older, it started hitting me like one-ton brick packages that this stuff, compared to, say, all of recorded history, wasn't so long ago, and involved real people just like me. The mass slaughter of Native Americans, the Civil War battles fought on our soil, covered by the New York Times as current events, women's suffrage, and, in my parents' lifetime, black people being thought of as less than human, forced to use their own bathrooms and water fountains, and not allowed to vote.

Today, we elected a black man president. Think about all those protest songs you know. All those Public Enemy albums. All those radicals who raised a fist in the face of the old, white, guard. Didn't it almost seem like a pipe dream? Like, "Yeah, we want black and white to come together, to be equal, of course--but the crusty white guys in charge will never actually let it happen...." Well, now a young, black, guy is in charge. It's almost like we skipped some steps and shot right for the mountaintop.

This is one of the most important days in this country's history. It may take a while for policies to change, for us to get out of Iraq, for health care to become universal, for the economy to be fixed... but race relations just got an immediate boost, and that might just be the most important thing.

Barack Obama, President of the United States. I'm proud to be here to see it.

If you happen to be a racist Yankee fan, your world has flipped completely in the last few years.
Al Franken's Minnesota senate race is close, though he's now trailing, 43-41 with 70 percent reporting. Come on, Al!
I can't speak for all of Europe, or even all of France, but I can speak for me, and I echo the sentiment: good job, USA.
Yay, us!
I've been saying for weeks that this will not change the political world all by itself, but at least it's a start.
You know, as in, if you're down by 2 in the ninth, getting a man on.
It's a start.
Wasn't the "game thread" on WMTC a hoot last night? I think some of Laura's regulars were probably wondering where all these acronym speaking clowns came from, but it was fun.
And if you haven't read Franken's "Lies, and the Lying Liars", do so now, without passing Go.
Now if we could just Bill Lee to run :)
So unreal and amazing!

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