Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Facade Vs. Freeze

Great news! No Fenway tickets will go up in price from last season. My main concern is the bleacher seats, and after watching them go* from $18 to 20 to 23 before jumping to 26 last year when most of the other sections stayed the same, I was expecting them to hold steady for '09. But all sections? That's a nice bonus.

That article also ends by saying Christmas at Fenway will be on December 13th. Which means the April/May/September games will be on sale that day. Hey, you with ski boots and the football, I'm talking to you--Red Sox tickets will be on sale December 13th. Don't come to me in April asking how to get tickets! Or I'll have to tell you to go back in time to December 13th!

(This is also a kick in the teeth to the Yanks, who have to charge like 4,000 dollars for bleacher seats to cover their costs for the new shady stadium deal.)

*I jut mean since '04 when I started my 10-game plan. They were $20 in '04, 23 in '05-'07, and 26 in '08 and now '09. The first year, we got a 2-dollar discount, but ever since we've paid full price. Come on RSN Governors, let's get back to letting 10-game plan holders pay season ticket prices, like all the partial- and full-season ticket holders do.

Ok! Ok! I'm listening!

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