Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dickie Thon (Now With Video)

Update: Kara got third. Here's some video of runners going by from the window:

And here's another vid we shot with Chan's "better" camera, right at noon:


Stayed at Chan's last night after the SNL taping, and it just so happens today is the NYC Marathon. Chan's window is few feet away from the route, so we just went out and watched the women's leaders run by. We were totally rooting for this Kara person, and when they went by, she was in second, but she's dropped back now. It's so funny, watching these people on TV, then going outside, watching them go right by, and then going back inside because it's too cold, and continuing to watch them work as you relax in a nice chair.

I generally like to route for Kara's, too. : )

Hope you had fun in NYC. There's pretty cheap gas at exit 30, which is also the exit to take to my house- just in case you can't make the trip straight through to R.I.
I trained it to New Haven, then drove home, but thanks for the tip.

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