Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bitching Staff

Before last season, I looked at the Yanks' starters and said: 1 fairly solid dude (Wang), two oldies, (Moose and Bad Andy), and two completely unproven youngsters (Hughes and Kennedy). I thought it spelled disaster. It kinda did, as Hughes and Kennedy went 0-8 with a combined ERA over 7. Wang got injured--it's at the point where you can't trust him makng it through a season. And the oldies, well, I have to hand it to them, they turned out to be the Big Two in '08 for them.

So what will they have in '09? The only two guys they could trust may be gone. Mysteriously Quick Recovery Pettitte may or may not be back, and Moose wants to hang it up now that he's reached his selfish goal, realizing he's never gonna get a ring.

So now you're down to Detachable Wang, and the two kids, plus Joba, I guess. The point is, even if they add C.C., that's only replacing one spot. Joba replaces the other one (if he's a starter), and then what have you got? Still just three starters, and pick your two favorite unexperienced, winless rookies or Ponson-type bums. Of course, they could get another starter like Lowe or somebody, but the point is, they need a lot of help in this department. Which is kinda like the key department of departments. Bonus: Mo be old.

Cy Young update: Dice gets robbed! Of third, that is. Lee won, of course, and Halladay got second, but freakin' K-Rod gets 3rd?? The guy wasn't even the best closer in the league. If they're gonna look at just total number of saves, why not look solely at winning percentage for starters and give second to Dice?

Totally unrelated, but I thought of you today, because I couldn't resist a little shake shack for dinner, and you mention it pretty much every time you blog about being down here! Mmmm...
Related: Yanks trade two pitching prospects for Nick Swisher! And a guy named Texeira without the first i. Swisher was great for like a year, but lately, stinks. He can join Damon as Yanks who used to have long hair.

So, Shake Shack--I thought of it like an hour ago, as I'm writing a little something and it's set in NYC, so my characters were about to go there.

It's funny, I've never actually had anything there other than a Concrete. One day I'll stand on the long line...
For that matter, can join Damon as Yanks who's best years were spent elsewhere!

The burgers at shake shack are totally worth it, though I cheated today, it is wet and cold and there was no line at all!
I like a good king missile reference.
Yeah but me be vegetarian.

I think I can only get shakes or fries on the long line. Hey, good call going on a rainy day, though.
And Nick--that was really funny, I actually had to go through my own post to find it. "I don't remember thinking of King Missile today....."

But I totally did, it turns out. With the detaching and whatnot.
Hmm... a good point. I believe that I had known but forgotten about the vegetarian bit. Honestly (as a fan of concretes) there's really no need to stand in the long line if you don't eat the burgers. The fries are good, but not worth the line and I would rather have a concrete than a shake anyhow.

And I too enjoyed the detachable reference. Though now I have that all stuck in my head.

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