Tuesday, November 11, 2008

7th Street Park/Tinker Park, Indianapolis

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Spent a lot of time going over the new map of Indianapolis, comparing it to this 1876 zoom-able one I found. The key to solving Indy is knowing that the numbered streets today don't match the old ones. Hence "7th Street Park" being at the corner of what's now 16th and Capitol. First Street became 10th, which is weird considering there are only a few segments of numbered streets below 10th today.

I put the two side-by-side (below). We know that Methodist Hospital bought the land the park was on. I tried to find that spot on the old map. Look at the river at left, and the point where the two canals cross at the top. Those are on the current map, too, and remember, 16th Street on the new (right) is the same street as 7th Street on the left. The green vertical street at far right of the old is Meridian St, which I also have at far right of the new. It was fun comparing, and placing the footprint, which is a guess as far as which way it's facing and which corner of the intersection it's on. The plain green rectangle of land with no lines running through it on the old map (below the W in William Street) is what I figure was that land. You can also see remnants of those railroad tracks on the current Google Map.

Anyway, the park was home to the Indianapolis Hoosiers of the National League in the 1880s. Not much info out there, but some is here.


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