Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Woo Hoo

I'm going to ALCS game 4 and 5 (called ticket office over and over until they picked up on the day they released the tickets). So I'm totally psyched. (Of course, game 5 won't happen if there's a sweep.) We played the Rays pretty even this year--but a lot of those games were with them giving it everything they had, while we knew we were pretty much in the playoffs anyway. I think they will see a different Sox team now that we know it's win or go home.

Now, about tonight's game, oh my freakin' lord. They put us through so much, but it just makes the results that much sweeter. I was on cloud negative 9 when Lester came out. I just thought, Stick with him, it's too important. Then Oki gives up a four-pitch walk. Masterson comes in, and another walk. Putting the tying runs on base on walks makes me want to just go and become a cricket fan or something. And even after the tying run scores, Tito just refuses to put in Pap. Hey, it worked out. I'm happy now, and that's the key.

The ninth inning: Scoscia--come on! A squeeze? You need a moderately deep fly ball to take the lead! Everything's going your way, what are you getting cute for? Whatever, man. Works for me, obviously. And then in the bottom. That right fielder gambles the series on a dive. If it skims his glove and goes around the corner instead of bouncing into the crowd, Bay's still running. Then Kiedis saves their asses, but then Lowrie bounces one to the right side. I knew it was going through. Once that squeeze failed, we weren't losing. So it goes through, and, again, I knew Bay would be safe. What a great shot that was of him rounding third. And a great celebration to follow.

A lot of weird stuff in this series. Bad defense will cause that every time. Now we go on to Tamper. Game one Friday. Game two--come on down to NYC Saturday night and watch the game at the Red Sox bar, Profesor Thom's. I'll be there. More on that soon.

Weirdest question asked in our house tonight:

"Kim, did you throw away the lucky piece of toilet paper I used to clean my glasses before game one that was sitting on the Remy/Orsillo bobbledesk?"

She had. But it turns out she made the right call!


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