Monday, October 20, 2008

Tuesday In Dirty Water Land

Tuesday morning around 8:20, my mom and I will be interviewed on the Diane & Ray show on WTIC-AM 1080. If you're up early, tune in on the radio or on the internet here.

Tuesday night we will be appearing at Redbones BBQ in Davis Square in Somerville, Mass. Books will be signed ad appetizers will be free. 5:30 to 7:00.

Definitely going to try to catch the interview! Have fun- that's super exciting.
I called the D & R show yesterday to find out what time you'll be interviewed. 8:20am it is! It'll only be a short segment (until 8:27 or so) so I don't think there will be time for any calls...but I'll try. I don't want to hog up your time, however. Have fun!! The WTIC antenna is literally within sight of my place!
Jere, I just posted a review of DIRTY WATER on the Amazon page...I hope you can check it out. Scroll down past the product description, but you know that. I'll be waiting for 8:20--Pete
Good luck tonight. Hope there's a good crowd.
Thanks for an enjoyable season. Looking forward to continuing my morning check-ins. Just hope I see more of the quizzes in time to get in an entry this year. They're fun.
That did turn out to be a great series, didn't it? More fun if we had won, sure, but still a great series.
I've never liked the Phillies at all, but I still don't think the Rays have been around long enough for me to root for them. Plus I object to the whole name-change thing, and would hate to see a we-got-rid-of-the-devil-and-god-rewarded-us kind of thing. You know you'll hear that if they win.
No one I really want to pull for, but still - it's the World Series, I'm a baseball fan. I'll watch, and hope for cool stuff to happen.
You and your Mom (hi) were great! I'll see you both on the Oct. 28th at the West Hartford Public Library. That's my home turf! Peter.

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