Saturday, October 11, 2008

That All You Got?

Come on, Rays, let's have a series here...

Gotta score if you wanna win.

TBS continues to look at the game solely from the Tampa perspective. Every situation, it's "what can the Rays do here," or "the Rays need to do this here." Like I said in the ALDS, which had the same announcers, I've never seen anything like this. As I'm writing this, they're signing off, and Caray is saying, "don't despair, Rays fans." Hey, at least he specified "Rays fans" instead of just assuming we're all rooting against the Red Sox. I don't care if the positives for the Rays get more of a "holy shit" type call while the Sox successes are given a "well, we've seen this before" slant. That would be natural given the histories of the teams involved. But they act like they're playing a video game against the computer, with them as the Rays, and the computer as the Sox. Surely viewers are noticing this.

And I hope that liar Tim McCarver heard the announcers tonight refer to the Red Sox' top three starters as "the three aces," and then re-thinks his statement that "the Rays have to be favored in this series."

Dice-K is a wizard. He's magic or something. That stat they gave tonight, that he only gave up one RBI on 3-1 and 2-0 counts, just amazes me. He's like the Manny of pitching. He puts you where you think you're in control--but HE's in control. We all kind of thought he'd pull a Beckett '07 this year, and he got overshadowed by the masterful Jon Lester, but give this dude another year or two, and he will be THE ace. (Though maybe still a co-ace.)

The two 3-0 fly outs for them were costly. Terrible job, guys. That one inning--first two guys on, and 3-0 on Pena, and quickly we get out of it. And then Pap finishes them off easily.

And I loved seeing that sure-as-shit look on Longoria's face at one point (before his key double play ball in the inning described above). He was like, Aw yeah, I know something you don't, this is the Trop, and we're the Rays, we always come through. Well, we're the Red Sox, ass, and it didn't happen for you. Try again tomorrow.

So Kim and I went to a Celtics game earlier tonight--they played in Providence, pre-season, at 7:30. We saw most of the first half, got to see all the starters play, and still got home in time for the first inning. I'll post a few pics from that later.

Contest board through game 1.

These announcers are ridiculous - it's almost worse than listening to Buck and McCarver. During the last round, they would practically be jumping in the air when the Angels scored.

It's like watching Fox News coverage of the Democratic Convention - I almost want to mute it and sync my radio up with my TiVo.
A Houdini-like performance JUST when we needed it. And the 'pen was flawless. Talk about turning it up a notch!
If Josh can regain his sharpness and lose his rustiness, the Rays will be going north toward you and me in dee doo doo.
Enjoy, Jere...are there any north central Connecticut appearances scheduled with you and your Mom? She's been here before...shoot, she was BORN HERE! Congrats on your book. Pete
stj: Good to hear from you again! Did you hear Mr. Ligi died? Yeah, you can see in my older posts where I talk about those announcers in the ALDS too. Unbelievable.

Peter: West Hartford Library 10/28. Keep watching the book blog at redsoxmystery. blogspot. com. And of course I'll keep updating events here. Thanks!
In Professor Thom's Anti-Riviera Chant, where the "F" Word precedes each name chanted, Prominent on that list are Buck and Mc Carver, and in Tim's case, the name is spelled Mc Cavah:

Adding Chip Caray to the List;

He's another CLOWN.

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