Friday, October 10, 2008

Something Happens In Bizzarro League

Pat Burrell says this to Dodgers.

Watched a little of NLCS game one--but mainly watched the 1999 David Cross special on HBO.

I hear Dirty Water makes a great Christmas gift....just purchased 5 extra copies. Can't wait to read it!
Hey Jere, looks like the Devil Dogs are getting a little ahead of themselves, and a little cocky:
Ok, so it's probably a little better than 50/50 that I'll make it to Thom's tomorrow night (probably 60% chance)...but likely not until game time. Still, if I make it I'll look for you.
You gotta find me cuz I'll have your book ready!
Hilarious link by the way.

And Jen--thanks! Ladies and Jen-tlemen, my friend Jen from BC. Well, she went to BC, I didn't. Way back in the 90s.

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