Friday, October 31, 2008

Sick Of That Old Title: League Park, Cleveland

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Before I get to the Providence parks, which will take more research, I'll do an easy one. League Park in Cleveland. As you can see, the field is still a big green lawn. Here's the street view from out by the ticket office. The street views are newer than the aerials, because if you look at those houses right past left field, one is a pile of rubble on the aerial, and it's cleared on the street view. The two houses next to the crumbled one are boarded up, and on the boards it says "5 VICE." It's also pretty sad how you can see on the overhead remnants of two softball infields on the lawn, and from other photos, you can tell there had been a basketball court in that rectangle by the ticket office. All gone.

Here's a good little page showing pics of the place from last summer.

The ticket office and part of a wall remain--but efforts are being made to build the place all over again.

(Clem's site has been very helpful doing all these parks. I also use aerial photos to help place the footprint.)


Thanks for the feature on League Park. You can find out more information about this historic park by going to The League Park Society, Inc. is currently working to preserve, restore and revitalize this very historic park. Former Red Sox great Tris Speaker played and managed here winning a world champsionship for the Indians in 1920. Even thought the park is almost gone it was not paved over like other historic parks. We believe we can bring League Park back to life. Please visit our web site often for updates, photos and videos.

Just so you know, the title of this post means I was sick of the old title I was using for these ballpark posts. I was trying to phase out the old title. So the next one will just be the park name.

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