Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The Rotation And Stuff

First of all, the Smiths of Baseball project will be back this offseason, along with Kwiz Season, of course. The only new Smith to play in MLB in 2008 was Oakland's Greg Smith.

So, Lester pitched Monday, the series starts on Friday, yet he's pitching games 3 and 7? Not a fan of that, I'd rather they make it more certain he pitches twice, but they had to make it so nobody gets too much or too little rest.

Hey, has anyone tried calling the ticket office for ALCS tix? I've already got game 4 and 5, but if I didn't, I'd be calling 877 REDSOX9, like, every hour. Give it a shot, anytime between 10 and 5 tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day....

As far as World Series tix, should we make it, watch this page. When they finally list the day of the "WS sale for winners" (if you're not a winner), call the 617 482 4SOX line at 3:00 on that day. (Or whatever time, if they announce it--but it's always been 3) And keep trying till you get through.

Update: Five minutes after writing "if you're not a winner," I get the e-mail: "You are not a winner." So I didn't get selected in the ALDS, ALCS, or WS lottery, but I'm still getting to at least 3 playoff games, provided there's a game 5 in the ALCS.

Hey, just FYI...if you go to and in the News drop down, there is "Official Releases" and you can check the date (and time - yes always 3) there.

For instance, today this was posted there -
Right--that is what I meant by "if they announce it"--that release appeared only a few hours after I posted so I hadn't seen it yet.

They still haven't updated on the page I linked to.

So we know the date. The 10th, Friday. Thanks.

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