Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rooster Unsnuffed

The winner of the ALCS run contest was Rooster (who writes the Rational Sox Fan blog), whose 8th inning finished with 7 runs, one better than the second-place 7th inning. He gets a signed copy of Dirty Water.

While the tie-breaker turned out to be unnecessary, I'd like to point out that Nick nailed the last batter of the series, Jed Lowrie.

Thanks for playing, everybody. Kwiz season starts sooooon.

I added Manny's 500th HR game to the previous Best-of-'08 post.

I was doing some research into old Braves Field, and found that its home plate sat in the corner of what's now Nickerson Field. (You've seen my pics of this area here before, but I never knew exactly where home plate was.) So then I was looking at Google Maps, because I also just found out the old ticket office/entry house to to Braves Field still stands, not just the right field grandstand, and I saw something interesting. Instead of them calling it "Nickerson Field," they call it "Braves Field"! Which it hasn't been called in decades. And where do they put this label? Right in the corner of the field...where home plate was. Even at different zoom levels, the words stay right on that spot. I think we have a baseball historian embedded over at G-Maps.

Thanks for having the contest Jere. I'd like like to thank my agent, my dear wife, my (darn, the music is playing already).

Meanwhile, I love what you found about Braves Field. That's great that they label it in Google Maps right where it formerly sat.

I love that!

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