Thursday, October 02, 2008


That first playoff game. Wow. All the old feelings: goosebumps, shakes, heart palpitations, the urge to scream like Howard Dean and run and jump around. And when you get that last out, sweet relief. We needed to win one in Anaheim. We've done it! Now do it again and let's not look back goin' home!

Jon Lester is a deity among regulation human hurlers. Oh my him. Seriously.

I'm never afraid of "Peter Brady" Lackey, but he was good tonight. Until the Bay at bat--he'd K'd him twice on those outside breaking balls. Then in his third AB, Brady gives him one right over the heart. Bay takes it. Brady gets away with it...but stupidly throws it again. And Bay swung. Boom, we lead, 2-1.

How key was that Youk play where he threw out Vlad by 30 feet? Lowell running to tag Vlad before he got to third was like American Gladiators: Senior Division.

Masterson was great. Pap was great. And it's one game to none. Us.

Interestingly, Peter Brady doesn't look much like Peter Brady anymore with that slight beard and short hair. But it was funny how he was replaced by "cousin" Oliver.

So that's 10 straight vs. the Angels in the postseason, and yet another 8-game win streak in the postseason, as we had in '04.

We will all sleep well tonight. And as a bonus, the next night, as game two isn't until Friday. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!

*pic of Wicked Lester by me, 9/28/08

Well, that's a very nice start. Phenomenal performance by Lester. And I'm very happy for Jason Bay; he has to be thrilled to get a chance to perform in October.

I feel a little bad for Vladdy, just like I did back in '04 when they showed him walking glumly off the field after Papi's walk-off. He's a really good guy and a helluva hitter. But man, that was some brutal baserunning by him.

Okay, time for bed; I have an 8:30am meeting.
The most amazing thing about the Youk play was that he just threw it to 3rd immediately after diving in the other direction, with almost no time to see what Guerrero was up to. I have no idea how he did that...someone must have been yelling at him.

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