Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old Ballparks' Exact Positioning, Volume Whatever

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I've started finding locations of bygone fields and drawing them on the map. Above are the sites of Huntington Avenue Grounds (home of the Red Sox before Fenway), and below it and to the right, South End Grounds (home of the Braves before Braves Field).

You'll notice on the HAG, the very deep center field. 635 feet. There's also a Cy Young statue and and a home plate roughly where the mound and plate were, which I terribly have never been to. I guess I should explain the "drawings"--you should be able to make out the grandstand, and then the playing field for each.

I told you I saw "Braves Field" notated on Google Maps. Well, they've got Ebbets Field and Crosley Field on there, and those parks don't exist either. So I assume they have a lot more. As I draw more on the map I'm sure I'll find them.


What I see when I look at this map is... some guy spending hours and hours and hours and hours meticulously drawing this map. Then a child comes along and begins to draw all over it.

Very interesting, though. Just looks funny.

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