Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oh My Lord This Is Sweet

By my logic (which is always an adventure), we've already won the game I thought should be Game 7. Now we just have to win the "Game 6"-ish game. Meaning I thought we should go with Lester in 6, get a win where we don't use much of the pen, then go Beckett in 7, and have the "all hands on deck" mentality. So I'm happier that what I thought we be the more pressurized game is over and won. Of course, Suzyn, you never know what's gonna happen in this great game of baseball.

But anyway, game 7! Holy shit! Thank you, Captain, for snapping out of it. I knew you could hit a dong off a very tired Shields. Just like Bartlett could hit one off a tiring and hurt yet somehow not hurt Beckett. Nice how Bartlett then gave it back with an E. I used to live on Bartlett Street. When he was traded, I rooted for him to take the number of our street address. He was off by like 90. Terrible job, Bartlett.

I love how Pap hasn't given up a run at all in his post-season career. I wonder how many scoreless innings he'll have to go before Yankee fans actually can put him in the "same breath" with Mo. Because all I've heard is how you can't do better than Mo. Can't. The truth is, you can, but Pap could throw 200 more scoreless playoff innings, and they still wouldn't admit that anyone ever did it better than Mo. Pap's only pitched a fifth of Mo's playoff innings at this point, but there's a long way to go in that career. Will they at least admit Pap has done about as well as he could do up to now? I'd say they won't. They can't get real rings anymore, so winning arguments is all they've got. I'll take the wins on the field anyway.

TBS: Seriously, come on. A power out, right at the start of a big playoff game? I've never seen a technical difficulty in 25 years of their Brady Bunch reruns, and all of a sudden, the whole thing goes dead, and no one in the world can watch the game. Do they realize how much I need to see the game, and if I'm not able to will the team to victory, I feel like they can't win? If we had lost this game, I think I would've tracked down Ted Turner and sentenced him to be my butler. In his house. For them to have a problem and not even tell the audience what's going on--instead switching to, of all things, a re-run of the old Dick Clark "TV's Bloopers" show, followed by Steve Harvey--is inexcusable. I can't even believe they started the game! Knowing that nobody could see it! Reminiscent of CBS' "Reno 911" airing during a rain delay at the All-Star Game a few decades back. This is great, though, watching the NESN postgame, and hearing TC and Remy rip TBS to shreds--they've got a radio on their desk, and keep referencing Steve Harvey. (This article notes how much it stank if you were in a bar without radio.)

8:07, Sunday night. Game 7.

Gotta get up early to do a breast cancer fund-raising walk here in Providence. My parents came up tonight and got to watch the game with us, and we'll all be walking in the AM. If you're around here seven hours from now, come by and walk....details here. It's much more productive than sitting in a jail cell. Like Joba.

I was just thinking while watching game six, "The only thing that could make this postseason any better was if Joba Chamberlain was arrested."


We only got lucky at Thom's because one of the regulars had a dopy old cassette walkman with AM/FM and they popped that baby into the sound system. Otherwise it was just people checking their phones and shouting.
So there I was, settling in last night on the couch for a pleasant evening of catching up on old Steve Harvey reruns, and all of a sudden TBS cuts away and puts some baseball game on.

Now how am I supposed to find out how that Steve Harvey episode turned out?

very sucky

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