Monday, October 06, 2008

Oh Effin' Well

What a weird night. I guess you could say my mom (attending her first playoff game) and I got our money's worth. The full-on Fenway playoff experience, minus the winning part. The Sox are now 0-2 this year in clinching possibilities with me in the stands.

It's always a crappy feeling when you sit out in the cold for six hours and don't get a win. But we did get to see a three-run single. And we did get to see our ad for Dirty Water in Boston Baseball (the unofficial scorebook magazine). Check it out if you go Monday night, or if you see it on the newsstand. Page 19.

Good thing our "new ace" is pitching tonight....

I'm late as hell leaving the house because I stayed up so late and don't even get a damn win to show for it.
Oh well, it's OVER tonight!
And we did get a lot of STUFF in that game, eh?
The 1st ever 3-run single in playoff history, more guys thrown out by a mile on baserunning boo boos, guys sliding PAST the bag and getting tagged out, broken bats flying over the pitcher's head, etc.
Let's just get a good old-fashioned ass-stomping tonight and hope TB/CHI goes 5.
Lester - be bester.
That's what I like to hear.

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