Friday, October 24, 2008

Objects In Mirror

My parents first discovered I had poor eyesight when my dad was talking to me about the out-of-town scores on the Shea Stadium scoreboard. I couldn't read them. That behemoth gave my secret away.

Now, I finally get revenge! Watch it fall here.

(Alternate theme for post: "Big scoreboard that let my parents know I couldn't see crumbles; Jere mourns old friend who allowed his sight to be corrected with modern devices." But the "revenge" version is more fun.)

Shea Stadium was Shea Stadium, & OLDER than the Just Stopped Up Toilet II, being passed off as 85 Years Old and 86 Seasons
The Score board was hard to read in daylight, but great in the evening and night. It was also the largest scoreboard in MLB, in '08 and easier to read than Toilet II's Boards.
I also discovered I needed glasses at a ballpark. I thought the numbers were fuzzy for everyone. The first time I put my glasses on a ball game, I freaked out. Wow! Uniform numbers!
Michael, I hope you didn't think this post was anti-Shea, I just had a little score to settle with the board. (Though I'd like to see video of that horrible overhang fall! And those old crusty ushers!)

L: I remember putting on the glasses for the first time on a summer night outside. I looked up and saw this bright point of light, totally still. I started saying, "look at that! It's a UFO!" Immediately someone said, "what, that star?" I quickly realized it, but was embarrassed (I was like 8 years old) so I said, "no, no, not that, it's a weird light, it's not a star...." But seeing that star was really cool. I had no idea they weren't huge, fuzzy blur-balls.
I realize that fact, Jere:

I also realize that Shea Stadium's Scoreboard wasn't easy to read until the shadows came over it;

Tomorrow evening, I'll be releasing my Greatest NY Area Anti Yankees Contingent, with videos and pics from Shea Stadium and Fenway Park;

Tampa has Horrible Outdoor Pitching.

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