Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Let's Do That Thing! (Contest)

Pick the inning you think the Red Sox will score the most runs in for the entire ALDS. Winner gets a signed copy of my book, Dirty Water. I will open up comments to the first nine people. The person who picks the ninth inning gets any runs scored in extra innings.

Also include number of hits for your inning as a tiebreaker, in case two or more innings tie for the most amount of runs.

So, your entry should look something like this:

"5th inning. 5 hits."

Remember to check the other comments first to see which innings are taken. You have to pick one that hasn't been picked yet. Good luck. Deadline is up until first pitch tonight, or when we get the ninth contestant, whichever comes first.

8th inning, 1 run
Okayyyyy, I've confused everyone.

The inning you choose is the one you are rooting for to have the most total runs in the series. You don't have to guess the runs, just pick an inning. The second thing you should be writing is total number of hits in that inning for the whole series, which will only come into play if a tiebreaker is needed.

So...Kara, you've got the 8th. But I need a hit total for the tiebreaker.
2nd inning
14 hits
Let's say 4th Inning 12 hits
7th inning, 12 hits
5th inning, 7 Hits
Let's go with the inning big scoring games will have the starter tire out in...

6th inning, 7 hits
1st inning, 6 hits.
Interesting observation that everyone is shying away from the 9th inning, even though the 9th will include all extra inning runs.

A testament to the Angel's closer, I imagine.
Double-edged sword. You get extras, but in game 3 and 4, if the Sox are ahead, they don't bat in the 9th.
Oops! Sorry.

How about 6 hits.
I'll go for the 9th inning. And I'll say 9 runs.
Interestingly, the third inning was the winner last year. And I think it came in second in the World Series contest.
Alright by my count no one took the 3rd inning. So can I have it?

3rd inning, 9 hits
Well, considering they just this minute got held scoreless in the third, I don't think anyone will mind...

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