Thursday, October 09, 2008

Late Night

I: Right before Kim went to bed, we were looking for something to watch On Demand. We noticed Jaws I, II, and 3-D were on there. I suggested we take a peek at 3-D, since I for one hadn't witnessed its splendor in quite some time. Kim went to bed almost in protest before I could fire it up, but I watched the first few minutes. I'd forgotten that Dennis Quaid had taken on the grown Mike Brody role, and that he wears a Sox hat. Then I switched it off, and almost immediately saw Quaid's name appear on my screen, as he was on Letterman tonight, promoting that Oliver Stone Bush movie. Weird.

II: I first heard of Zack Hample on 9/6/07 from a comment from pweezil. He was a kid who snagged balls. Now he's on The Tonight Show--watched him after switching from Letterman. (I didn't stick around to compare 1-D 2008 Quaid with 3-D 1983 Quaid.)

3-D: I'm going to a taping of Saturday Night Live. Every August, you send in your name, and if you get chosen, you get two free tickets to either a dress rehearsal or a live show on a date of their choice. This year, I went all out, asking friends and family to submit an entry, with the caveat that if they win, they have to take me. Come on, it's my idea.... So, my mom, who's been very lucky in getting her name entered by me in contests--er, entering contests, won! We're going next month. It'll be a dress rehearsal, which is better in that we'll see eff-ups, unseen skits, and we'll get home at a reasonable hour. Don't know the host/musical guest yet.

4: I remember when Jaws 4 came out. The commercials said "this time it's personal." I always thought it should've been "sharkal."

Unnumbered: You saw this, right?

Dennis Quaid is now a line segment? I have to pay more attention to entertainment news...
"How is babby formed?" I laughed my ass of but I don't know why. I feel like I missed out on an internet joke and am laughing at it's randomness. Is the randomness why it's funny or is there a back story? (Geez, I feel like an old man asking the youngin's to explain your "generation X comedy"! (I'm thirty freakin two!))
I don't think Quaid is in 'W'; he's in 'The Express' the Ernie Davis story.
Oh. I thought he was in W. Whoops! You're right...

The Babby thing: Somebody just casually linked to it in a JoS game thread the other night. I haven't laughed thatt hard in a while. And then I laughed equally hard or harder watching the second time while showing Kim, who was also rolling. I don't know what the story is, other than it's two cavemen narrating one of those Yahoo Answers questions.

It's funny, since in the same thread, someone had suggested that somebody do all our thread comments out loud, and I had actually already attempted it, on one of my broadcasts, giving Shatner-esque voices to each comment. And then here's this thing with a Shatner-esque voice reading internet comments. Weird.

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