Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Two of my latest ideas, and one classic in case Red Sox management is reading.

1. Bowl Lick. I guess it's just cake/cookie batter in little cups, like the way they make yogurt. Lick the bowl any time!

2. A root beer scented soap called Royal Rooter. (This one's for Kim--I think she just may do it.)

3. Monster Movies. Red Sox front office--you need to make this happen. Everybody sits on blankets in the outfield on a summer night watching movies projected onto the Green Monster.

Oh, and check out this Nardwuar interview with the San Diego Chicken. I'm a huge Nardwuar fan, so I was psyched to find this. It's funny how you almost can't tell them apart. Nardwuar found his Poul-mate, I think.

How about this guy singing them anthem before a game? And maybe one Youk could throw the first pitch to the other.
That's hilarious.

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