Friday, October 17, 2008


I will post a really cool video I shot at Fenway Park here tonight before I go to bed. [UPDATE: Here it is:]

On the way home I heard a replay of Castiglione's call--incredible. You gotta hear it. Everyone who left early tonight--you'll never learn at this point! Please don't come back! Your "let's go Bruins" chants aren't funny, original, or appreciated by any real Red Sox fans.

Again, Wooooohooooooooo! More to come.

And THAT'S why you never leave a Sox game before the last out.

P.S. To the lame-o's who left: Thanks for your seats by the Sox on deck circle where I landed before the bottom of the 7th to catch THE ENTIRE RALLY.
Yeah, we could've easily moved up--I probably would have if I was a solo act, as it's easier to get one seat than it is to find two together, plus I didn't want to bring Kim on a big trek--in the seventh it seemed more likely that doing that would only get us closer to a Rays celebration anyway. So we stayed loyal to crappy section 7 this time.

Nice job moving up.
Congrats on seeing what, in my opinion, was the greatest Sox game ever. I know a lot of people will disagree, based on history/Yankee/whatever reasons, but this was the greatest Red Sox miracle these eyes have seen in 32 years. Was it the most historically important? I don't know; maybe time will tell. But it was damn sure the greatest miracle I've ever seen. Unbelievable. Not other word for it. I still don't believe it.
Dude, watching the ESPN highlights, it's like some fantastic dream. Like, I died in 2003 and have just created a magical heaven world, but I've gone too far and made it just too unrealistic.

Down 7-0 in the 7th! Come on! At the time I was saying, this has to be the biggest comeback in a postseason game. Turns out it's second best all-time. I had some other predictions in this game which I'll share later...
Second best comeback is correct, but number one for excitement hands down. Jere, great job in just being there to witness it. I'm so happy, even though the road is still a long one. It all could have ended last night. I'll be interested to see how much the Nielson ratings dropped off before the Sox staged their comeback for the ages. When I get the numbers, and I will, I'll pass them on to you.
Jere, last night was incredible even watching on TV. It must have been 1000 times more incredible being at Fenway. It made me happy to think that someone I "know" was there!

PS The video didn't seem to be working.
During the top of the 7th I was away from my TV for a bit, and stopped at my computer to email my mom and brother that I was going to bed.

I got back upstairs and while I was locking doors and switching off lights, the bottom of the 7th was just starting, so I thought, "OK... I'll just see if they can do something here in the 7th."


An hour or so later I went to bed a happy man.

Wow... Just...... WOW.
As the comeback unfolded several of us at JoS commented how great it was that you were there for this game. AND that there was no doubt YOU actually got to witness the comeback. Undoubtedly the greatest comeback I've ever seen, given the significance, playoffs, must-win, etc.
Many of us pissed all over those who left early. I wrote something like - "Greatest comeback of all time. Yeah man, I was at the game. Well, not for the comeback. That is, not for any of the good part."
Hell, even if I were convinced they couldn't come back, (NOT) that would be all the more reason to stay. It's MY team. If I think this is the last time I get to see them this season I want to watch it all.
Pedroia, Papi, Drew, the Bot - all waking up a little. The latest edition of Red Sox Rebound is on. But no matter what happens now, I'm really glad we didn't let those rookies end up celebrating at Fenway.
Oh and, thanks again for the shout-out. We passed our goal last night. Two big achievements in one night. AND it was Allan's BIRTHDAY!
(Well, not when the game ended, but that game will always be the game that was on his birthday. Cool, eh?)
I overslept because for some reason I was up real late last night - I gotta get to work.
Congrats, Jere, on seeing a great moment. Maybe the greatest moment.

Today, all seems right with the world.
awesome video, thanks for posting! So great that you were at the game.
Jere - I am SO glad you were there. Thanks for the fantastic video! Sox fans never say die!
You lucky, lucky bastard!!!!

I don't think any game will touch 2004 ALCS 5, but this one is Top 5.

The Red Sox lead this series 2 games to 3.

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