Saturday, October 04, 2008


What was better, taking it to that piece of self-involved crap K-Rod, and his whining, complaining, Jeter-esque teammates---or shoving it in the faces of the announcers, Caray and Martinez, who took it upon themselves to root with everything they had, unapologetically, for the Angels?

Answer: It's all good, as they used to say in the mid-90s.

Oh my lord! I don't even know where to start with this game. I mean, holy crap. Youk with that crazy catch, and amazing play on the bunt, both in the ninth. Drew, becoming a "true Yankee" for the second straight post-season...Pap shuttin' 'em down. And, again, Caray screaming like a little kid with every ball the Angels made contact with. Oh! That's gone! Oh, wait, it's a fucking popup. Those guys can to to hell for putting on such a pathetic, completely unprofessional performance.

Oh, but hey, the Angels got the "extra base hit monkey" off their backs. Fine. Enjoy that.

I will be at game three!!! I dot dot dot can dot dot dot not dot dot dot wait exclamation point.

And FUCK that Yankee fan they kept showing in the crowd. All you got left is going to the freakin' Angels game and roting against us while your team is home. Hahahahaha! Ass Wipe! I love it!

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