Monday, October 06, 2008

Here We Go Again

Mike Lowell's out for Game 4. Thank you. You shouldn't have a guy who can't move in your lineup, even if he's a guy you really, really like. Drew is back for tonight. I won't be at the game, so I get to watch as the TBS announcers and umpires continue to root against us. I had hoped that maybe the reason it was so blatant in the first two games was that they were going for the "side with the home team" effect, but from what I heard about last night, that wasn't the case.

During game two, when they almost picked off Coco, on the play, as the pitcher was wheeling around, Buck Martinez yelled "got him!" That made it unmistakable who they were rooting for. It's also funny to listen to the Drew HR call by Caray--then listen to some fly balls that ended up shy of the warning track hit by Angels. You'd think the former would involve drama, anticipation, and yelling, but no, it's the latter.

Dustin Pedroia has been screwed up since his first at bat in game one. I was writing about it in the Joy of Sox thread as it happened--it's like he's trying to be too cute. Like, "Okay, here's what I have to do in this at bat." Instead of just wailing away, which is what got him such great numbers this year. I don't mean he shouldn't think about the situation when he's up--but don't try to Jeter one into shallow right when you can whack one the other way. Just seemed like he was trying too hard on those first two at bats, and he's been effed up since. I wish he would keep thinking of himself as a cleanup hitter stuck in the two hole, rather than a table-setting number two hitter. Laser show!

Contest board here. Still anybody's game.

With such lousy announcers for our series, it is bittersweet to listen to Orsillo call the Rays-WSox. I miss NESN already.
Just got back from the Cranston Spike's, and I've been sitting here for a half hour with the game on in the background, thinking it's McDonough the whole time. Even though I knew Orsillo was doing this series. So, years removed from the last time I had any reason to mix the two up, here we go again. Must be because since it's a national game, my mind doesn't assume Orsillo. And Sean announced the Nebraska game the other night, further confusing everything.

And as I was writing that, Kim entered the room and said "isn't it weird to hear Orsillo doing a non-Red Sox game?" At which point I told her what I just told you, and the fact that if I'd gotten your comment a few minutes later, SHE would've broken the news to me that I was hearing Don, not Sean.
I agree with Ryan about the announcers but what about the umpire ? is he with the Angels? I love the Red Sox and by the way, even though we live in Anaheim we are Red Sox fans . GO RED SOX!!!!!!!

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