Thursday, October 23, 2008

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As you've probably figured out by now, if you're looking for World Series coverage, you've come to the wrong place. If the Sox or Yanks aren't in it, it might as well be a different sport. A Phillies-Devil Rays game in October excites me no more than it would in May.

If you're wondering who I'd be "rooting" for if I had to pick, well, you've also probably figured that out, too if you read my thoughts on a regular basis. But in case you're confused, check out some blog entries from other bloggers who share my feeling:

Cardboard Gods.

Empyreal Environs

Rational Sox Fan.

Toeing the Rubber. [side note: Vote for her (Cyn Donnelly) at WEEI's "Next Great, whoops, we've been referring to bloggers as 'fanboys in mom's basement' constantly for years but now we have to 'blog' to compensate for the fact that we're irrelevant, Blogger Contest." The way I see it is, if she wins, she can take down that place from the inside. If she loses, she'll get to make fun of that sexist, racist radio station like never before!]

And Joy of Sox, after starting in one direction, has seen the light, too. (See last paragraph.)

I watched a total of ten minutes of the game last night, and the main thing I noticed (besides the fact that Buck and McCarver have picked up right where Caray and Martinez left off in the "let's talk about this game strictly from the point of view of a Devil Rays fan" department) was that the centerfield camera was positioned so that the action was WAY to the right of my screen, so a big ad behind home plate could be seen right in the middle at all times. I'm wondering if widescreen TV people had the pitcher and batter in the middle. Anyone? Man, MLB is the worst....

On several Occasions, while watching the MLB TV Package, I noticed that only when The Red Sox were in town, there were the Crowds:

Even though The Yankees came in and are Hq'd in Tampa Bay, The Yankees can't get the crowds;

The Idea for The Cowbell was Cowbell Man at Shea Stadium. The Rays Owner has Citi Field Tickets as he did Shea Stadium Tickets, for a # of Years;

I'm waiting for a Fire Sale in Tampa, which will mirror Florida.

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