Thursday, October 09, 2008

First Pete And Now Repeat?

If Tampa goes to the World Series, it'll be a first-ever match-up between them and the Dodgers or Phillies. But if the Red Sox win, it'll be a World Series rematch.

On this date in 1915, Boston scored the winning run in the top of the ninth at Philadelphia's Baker Bowl, tying the World Series at one game apiece. The series went back to Boston (Braves Field to accommodate the larger crowds), and the Red Sox beat the Phillies three in a row, to take their third World Series title. Four of the five games saw the winning team score the go-ahead runs in their final at bat, and every game was close (3-1, 2-1, 2-1, 2-1, 5-4). It was also Babe Ruth's World Series debut, though he only appeared once, as a pinch-hitter.

On this date in 1916, the Red Sox again won game two of the World Series, and again it was a 2-1 final with Boston winning in their last at bat. This time it was in 14 innings, against the Brooklyn Robins, later the Dodgers, and now in Los Angeles. Babe Ruth was the winning pitcher, giving up a run on six hits in 14 innings. The teams split the next two games at Ebbets Field, before the Red Sox wrapped it up at Braves Field in game five. The Red Sox were repeat champions--should they win the ALCS, they'll try to do it again versus one of the two teams they beat to accomplish the feat the first time.

Yeah, I was thinking about this last week; love the fact that if the Sox make it back to the WS, they're guaranteed a rematch against a team they haven't faced in the postseason in at least 92 years. Even cooler would be a Sox/Pirates WS rematch...but that doesn't look likely for the forseeable future.

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