Thursday, October 02, 2008

Elephant In Room

A dong in each game so far for Manny. I'm so totally happy for him. I love the thought of all the racists complaining with each great play Manny makes. The thing I hate about the anti-Manny side is how they've convinced themselves they're right by acting like WE'RE the "crazy" ones. I'm still convinced the fans of Manny--the 35,000 who were honored to watch him and showed their love every night at Fenway, as opposed to the whiny, old, button-down, jealous, racist, macho radio and newspaper shit-heads who hated Manny all along--will always keep a place in their hearts for Manny, and cheer him whenever they see him.

I get mad with every mention of Manny by those 'holes. In response to whoever it was yesterday who said in the usual condescending way, "Manny's having fun now? He didn't have fun here in eight years," I again give you my photographic tribute to Manny. You tell me if he was having fun or not.

I'm still just so confused. They say Manny doesn't try (lie), is declining (lie), doesn't care about winning (lie), that we couldn't win with him (huge, very easily disproven lie) and is a clubhouse cancer--if they mean the type of cancer that yields joy, happiness, and the championships we waited our whole lives for, then sign me up for that cancer. I'll pull a Paul Newman and refuse treatment.

So...just because I like when Manny does well (and Nomar and Lowe), doesn't mean I'm rooting against the Cubs. I want the Cubs to win. But if those guys on the Dodgers move on, that's fine, too. It's the NL, so in the end, I really just don't care. Gonna be tough for the Cubbies now, though, down two-zip.

And just because I'm still pissed about the Manny thing, doesn't mean I'm not totally confident in my team.

I wondered what the 2008 playoffs "thing" would be, and I think I've got it. Wednesday night, we finished dinner, and I reminded Kim of the cookie mix we had, since I wanted some tasty junk food for the game. She suggested I make them. Interesting. Me "bakin' stuff." Hmm. Well, I gave it a shot, and those pigs came out great. First time I ever baked anything on my own. (I'm an expert at licking the bowl, but I'd never done the whole process by myself.) There are still some left. Meaning for the initial bulk of games, I will have been downing these chocolate fudge chip cookies. Now I'm thinkin' I'll make more when those are gone. So it looks like the official 2008 playoffs thing will be: cookies. But you never know. We could get a pet elephant tomorrow, then "the thing" will surely be "those early days with Stampy, training him, tucking him in and watching him sleep lovingly, etc." You just don't know how these things are gonna turn out. Wait, maybe this is why the anti-Manny people think I'm crazy....

I'm really with you about Manny, and I want the Cubs to win too, but I think most of all, I want the postseason to play out in a way that discourages melodrama as much as possible. Which means that (more than usual) I want Bay to do equally well, to shut down comparisons which I simply have no interest hearing about for better or worse. (If he's poor, it's all national media saying "whoops! shouldn't have traded Manny!" if he's significantly better is all local media like "told you so!" I am so sick of hearing/thinking about it, and I like both of them.) Having to face LA would also suck too. Not because they are particularly good, but just because of all the garbage we would have to hear about Torre, Manny, D-Lowe, Nomar--too much potential conflict within Red Sox nation.
Jere - did you hear Dennis Eckersley on the pregame? He was asked about Jason Bay and he said, basically, that the Red Sox got a good man in the trade, got rid of a bad man, and that improved the team.

And he wasn't being ironic (we all remember Manny saying when you don't feel good and still get hits, you're a bad man, in an interview last year). Eck was pronouncing judgment on Manny. A bad man.

Somehow I don't think Eckersley ever made it through all 12 steps of AA. Or he missed those meetings about not judging others.

I am so sick of hearing the Red Sox trash Manny.

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