Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Dirty Water Signing In NYC This Saturday

This Saturday night, October 11th, my mom and I will be signing copies of Dirty Water: A Red Sox Mystery at the coolest of places--the Red Sox bar Professor Thom's in Manhattan. Game 2 of the ALCS will be on at 8:07. We'll be there at 7:00. Stop by, say hi, buy a book, get it defaced by us, and then stay for the game.

Thom's: 219 Second Avenue (between 13th and 14th Streets) (map here)

Even if you can't make it the night of the signing, I highly recommend watching a Red Sox game at Thom's, especially a playoff game. There's something special about being in New York City, and watching a Red Sox game with hundreds of other people who are all crazily rooting FOR the Red Sox.

We have a few other events coming up--I'll keep you updated here and over at the Dirty Water blog. And Professor Thom's blog is here.

There's a chance I'll be there; my wife & I will be in the city that evening having dinner with her college roommate from San Francisco. I'll have to convince them to have dinner in the East Village instead of the UES.
HOT! I will most likely be watching the game at Thom's myself that night, so I'll totally come see you. I need to go plug the book on my blog, come to think of it. Once my family figures out what the gift-giving protocol is going to be this year (mom wants to try to work out a pollyanna style exchange or something rather than everyone giving to everyone - "it's the economy, stupid" invades Christmas) I'm going to need to buy a few for gifts...
AJM: We've got a book already signed for you--will give it to you that night if you're there.

Sarah: We're just now sending out free books to bloggers who did reviews--since I know you're gonna do one, you can get yours free that night, too. But, yeah, feel free to buy as many as you need after that!

I'll See You at Professor Thom's, The Centre Of The Red Sox World in NYC:

It'll be an Honour meeting both You and Your Novel-Writing Mom, Mary-Ann Tirone-Smith;

Cuppa Joe On Moi!

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