Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dirty Thirty

Did it ever occur to you that at any given time, there has to be at least one Major League Baseball team that hasn't won the World Series in at least thirty years?

(Of course, some of the thirty teams haven't been around thirty years, but it's essentially true. You get the point.)

Actually, that's not mathematically true. It is possible, but not probable. BY the pigeon hole theorem, the most you could guarantee that there could be a team that hasn't won in 29 years, but not 30, since there are 30 teams.

Isn't math fun?? :-)
But going into the 31st World Series, the team with the longest drought (assuming a different team wins for 30 straight years), would then be right around 30 years without a win.

Like, let's say from 2101 to 2130, each team wins once. The team that won in '01 would be 30 year from their last title in October 2131. So in any given October, some team has to be 30 years from their last title.



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