Thursday, October 30, 2008

"The Call"

You've heard the Joe Buck call. You've heard the Harry Kalas call. But have you heard the Jere Smith call? It's so funny how just before the clinch, I talk about how the color man often talks over the final call of the play-by-play man, and then, of course, my color woman Kim does exactly that. But I didn't want her to have to be quiet while her "NL team" wins it all.

Anyway, here's the call. You can jump ahead to around the 8:30 mark to hear the final out. (There seems to be a problem with the clock, as the minutes go 4,4,4,4,8,8,8,8,12,12,12,12, instead of 4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12. So you have to find the correct 8-minute mark. But if you get the wrong one, just keep listening, and you'll hear the final few outs.

Thats great! What hardware do you use for you youcastr events? The sound is good. I joined up with Youcastr because of your broadcasts noted from the blog so I'm thinking about tinkering with it some myself, and my kid has some interest in broadcasting some day. Thanks for sharing and posting!
I just use the built-in mic in my laptop..

When I listened, "The Call" was in the first twelve-minute mark. By the 36th century, baseball historians will regard Joe Buck as one of the greatest announcers.

right, it's right after the 12:00 mark...which follows the (fourth) 8:59 mark.

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