Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ALDS Contest Winner

SoxyLady wins the contest. She was one of the last to pick an inning, and chose the ninth. Her inning was tied for the lead after game one, as the Sox scored 2 in the ninth. Two more key runs in game two tied it up again with the first inning, which got 4 runs in that game. In game 3, she had four shots at it, as the ninth inning person gets all extra innings (but risks not batting at all if the team's ahead after 8 at home). The Sox didn't score, though, and she went into game 4 still tied for the lead. No other inning passed the ninth as we headed into the ninth, and when the Sox won it with a run, she got the 5th 9th-inning run of the series, breaking the tie. (Had a tiebreaker come into play, she also predicted the exact number of hits in the ninth for the series--9.) Congratulations, SoxyLady. You win a copy of Dirty Water.

Game 1 is Friday. Start thinking about what inning you all want for that one. Don't comment on that yet, I'll do a new post soon.


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