Thursday, October 30, 2008

'08-'09 Kwiz Season Begins: Kwiz One

You can check out the past four Kwiz season wrap-ups on the Kwiz page, which you can always go to by clicking the link at right. Ryan looks to repeat this season, while AJM tries to regain the throne. Nick Smith looks to get a single point. Good luck to everyone.

The basic rules: All Kwizzes will be here on this blog (the Kwiz blog will just show the standings and link to each past kwiz question.) Anyone is free to take a guess at the answer in the comments section. Just don't ever guess twice in row. Once someone else guesses, you can guess again. Sometimes I give clues--if I do, and you just guessed, you can guess again even if no one else has guessed. 6 points per kwiz. I will divide the points up however I choose. (Since comment moderation is on, the points also depend on when I check in on the blog. If te people get the right answer while I'm asleep, I wake up, check, and divide the points accordingly. But if I post a kwiz and immediately someone gets the right answer while I'm still online, they get all 6 points. Get it?) I also will never tell you when a kwiz question is coming up. I post them when I feel like it. This year we'll have....say...21 kwizzes, and (supposedly) the season wraps up by Opening Day next April. The prizes will be announced on the Kwiz page at some point. But it will involve books, soap, baseball cards, "art"work, and/or hopefully some new stuff. Oh, and here's the big thing: You can use whatever you want to find the answers. I don't say "no Googling" because I have no way of enforcing it. Knowing that, I try to come up with questions that are either un-Google-able, or take a LOT of research. In other words, you either have to earn it, or have the same random years-old info in your memory that I do.

But I will start you out with an easy one:

What man has done each of the following at least once? Been part of an NCAA baseball championship team; been part of a minor league baseball league championship team; been part of a Red Sox World Series championship team; been part of a Yankees World Series championship team.

Mike Lowell?
Gary Tuck
Wade Boggs.
Mike Lowell
I don't have time to research right now, but the only "player" that comes to mind is Mike Lowell. He played a dozen or so game with the Yankees in 1998, the year they won the WS, and played with the Sox in the 2007 WS.

But, I am not sure if he won the NCAA and Minor League championships?
Mike got it. Bullpen coach Gary Tuck won with us in '07, was working in the Yanks' pen for '98 and '99, managed a double-A team to a championship in '86, and coached at ASU when they won the College World Series in '81.
Yeah, I was pretty sure that it was a coach and not a player, but I had absolutely no idea beyond that. So, we have a Phillie blogger here, huh? Pretty cool. Congratulations Mike on your championship. And I share what I e-mailed around to my Phillie Phan Phriends this morning:
I didn't even realize it was a Philly guy--and he lives in Somerville, where I spent the last 1.5 years... I assumed it was the Mike we've had in the past here. There's another blogger whose place is called PhilSox, who likes both teams. I've had him in my links for a while.
So uh....looks like it's a big 6 points for Mike. If you're new to this, note that it's pretty hard to get all six points on one kwiz. Nice job, Mike. Great day for you all around....
Six points! Already ahead of last year's pace...

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