Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Woooooooooo!! Two Exclamation Points--The Official Amount

I've been to the last two Fenway clinching celebrations, so it's kinda cool to watch this fun on TV. (Though I wish like anything I was there!) The season starts now, people.

If the Yanks thought they were alive going into tonight, I'm still not giving up on the division. If the O's hold on to a 5-1 lead, we're 2 back with 5 left. But the key is, we're in. [Update: O's completely blow lead, now trail....] [Update: O's lose, go 0-6 so far in these games vs. Yanks and Tampa...we're 3 back with 5 to play.]

Oh, and the mystery of the "Woooooo!!" shirt has been solved. The back says "Diamonds are forever, and so is El Alcalde!!" Sean Casey. The mayor. El alcalde.

Papelbon: "I'll be riverdancin' in bed tonight!" Congrats, Red Sox. And Red Sox fans. It truly was a Subaru Summer.

Will talk Yankee elimination soon.
Graphic courtesy NY Post
I was there in the LF pavillion, thanks to a tip from you actually. So thanks for that! I've never been to a game where they do the running-out-on-the-field thing, it was pretty cool. The Sox went 5 for 5 in my games this year -- I think they should make tickets more easily available to me.
Glad you were there!!!!!!!!!!!

(second photo courtesy Michael Dwyer.)

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