Friday, September 12, 2008

We Reign/They Rayn

Wake dominates! Eight innings of shutout ball--just what we needed with two games tomorrow. Lowrie and Papi with ribbies, and Cash with a three-dollar dong.

Rays and Yanks rained out in The Bronx and like us, they will play a doubleheader tomorrow.

So we're two back, and each team will play two games tomorrow. So we could go to bed Saturday night tied for first! The Yanks have to do their part, though...they came through last time against the Satan Beams, can they do it again now that they're completely done?

I will be at game one. It's a make-up game which I had tickets to. (That non-game's photo gallery is here.) 12:35 start. I'll have to get up pretty early to get there for 10:35 gates--hopefully at least one team takes BP outside. Look for the only guy in the Monster Seats at 10:38, that'll be me!

[Update, 10:35 PM: With Drew missing game after game after game, I was just gonna bring up how if it were Manny, people would by now be joking about how his twelfth grandma died or whatever. And just now, incredibly, Tito announces that Drew's grandma DID die! And that he probably wasn't gonna play tonight, but grandma put him over the top. Anyway, the point is, all this crap people used to say about Manny happens to every other player. A key difference is, if you actually look at the numbers, you see that Manny played more than most of his teammates year after year. I've never been able to put together the millions of thoughts I've had about this Manny thing, but someone in the media infuriates me almost every day about it. I even heard one guy say I "should be appalled" at Manny for putting up such great numbers in LA. No, I should be appalled that the Red Sox traded one of the best and most feared hitters in the game for...antics, was it?]

I can't stand the constant ragging on Manny. Most of it being complete BS. The guy was a stud. He was negotiating for his next contract. Big deal. The Red Sox didn't f**k over Bronson Arroyo during contract negotiations? Of course they did. It's the business end of the game.

On the field, Manny was a champion. I miss everything about his game, the grin, the swagger, the stunning outfield plays (both good and ill) and that swing. The Manny swing is a thing of beauty to behold.

Thanks for 2004 and 2007, Manny.
"No, I should be appalled that the Red Sox traded one of the best and most feared hitters in the game for...antics, was it?"

I thought we traded Manny for Jason Bay...I don't know that this Antics fella would have had so many RBIs in August...

Matty-it's got nothing to do with Bay, who is a good hitter and a good guy. And we didn't trade one for one, but I know what you meant.

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