Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two In A Row For That Zack Dude

So I'm watching the postgame, and they show a fan catching a HR at Yankee Stadium last night and doing a dance. I immediately recognized him: The ball-snagging blogger! Zack Hample. Then they cut to tonight. Same spot, there he is again, catching another dong! And doing another dance. TC loved it, and they showed the dance in slow motion. You'd think someone at MLB would've noticed it was Zack, but no, TC had no clue. As of now, if you go to the link above, on Zack's blog, he has the post up about last night, but probably isn't even home yet from tonight's score.

Also, whole lotta seats released for the Indians series next week. (As per usual, I'm sure the ticket office will be closed from 11:30 to midnight. So wait till 12:01 if you're reading this between those times.)


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