Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sneak Preview And Grape Nuts And Society

Phull photo gallery in the morning. For now, here's a pic from Yawkey Way on the very special night. Just random folks. Fans. Who helped break the consecutive sellout streak. And that's all it is. Or is it??!!?!?!?!

Hey, by the way, if you've watched any baseball games on ESPN Gamecast, you've probably noticed that Grape Nuts is really trying to piss me off with their new slogan, "It is what it is." I guess their point is that a lot of products claim to be something they're not. But GN are just that, GN. Despite that there are no grapes or nuts in them. That's where the "comedy" comes in. Ah, marketing. I watched the video on their website which contains more of this "comedy." It's this dude talking about the cereal in a comic way that, for me, drives the final nail through the coffin of a certain nebulous genre of comedy. It's like when Juliana Hatfield put out that "Heart" video.* I remember picking up Chan from the airport late one night on one of his college breaks, and watching TV back at my house. That video came on (this was probably 1995), and Chan looked at all the people in the exercise class decked out in their ironic, thrift store-esque but actually very expensive clothing, and, always wary of fads, as I am, said, "this whole style is just...out the door!" Chan doesn't say much, but what he does say is usually pretty profound. I can just imagine Hatfield saying, "we'll just use my friends as actors, and they can wear their own clothes," and some record "exec" saying, "Okay, sure...but, actually, why don't we send them into 'wardrobe' to get some outfits that are even more 'alternative' and 'grungy,'--we've spent thousands of dollars and hired consultants to get these clothes perfect. In fact, I think after I quit this job I'll open a shitty** store and call it Urban Outfitters."

Anyway, if you go to no grapes no nuts dot com, you'll either see what I mean, or think I'm nuts. No, grapes. Sorry, that's a Chan-ish joke.

*I do kind of like the tune, especially when the guitar kicks in and when she puts the third syllable into "heart" for the final chorus: "A heaaa-ahh-art."

**I don't wanna get into a whole big thing, but I just can't take it anymore. Come on feel the Illinoise! Oohhh, hiLARious... 30 bucks. Yes. I must pay... Look, I've got plenty of thrift store shirts: "Jim Grote 1985 2nd Annual Billfish Tournament," "The Baldknobbers Show, Ozark, Missouri," "1980 Moscow Olympics on NBC," "I Survived the Great Chicago Blizzard." But they were actually bought at thrift stores for a dollar, are old, and are funny because they weren't meant to be funny. Not because they appear as if they weren't meant to be funny. And also, when I wear mine, I know nobody else has it. It's unique, not Unique (TM).

LESTER keeps getting better and better...the smell of first place is sweet indeed!
the smell of first improves drastically when you're in it. Could be tonight.

SFSF: Yup, it's Wake.

And a note from Dori:
"Met two guys last night who had never been to Fenway before and ended up sitting next to each other. One guy was Australian...the other from London. They bought tickets from the same scalper I guess. They both just flew into Boston yesterday...saw the lights from their hotel..walked over and bought tickets. They were so thrilled to be there for the "sellout" record. I wish I had a video camera to have taken them singing Sweet Caroline etc. They were chanting MVP for Pedroia...what an absolute hoot they were and made the game that much more fun! It was a classic Red Sox Nation story for that game. We had a blast with them."
I don't get it. Was Wake just out walking around Yawkey in his uniform? I've seen ballplayers outside of a park before but never in their uni. I'm sure he was doing some PR stuff and not running out to grab a souvenir or a big pretzel. I see he's got a couple security guys there. Good pic though.
Thanks. The next post answers the question.

Players were greeting fans at the gates....

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