Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I know a lot of you are into this, so, here you go, right from the equine's pie-hole:

Red Sox players' theme music.

Of course, some of those have recently changed or have been switched and then switched back or whatever, and not everyone's on the list, but it's a good starting point. Masterson isn't there, but Kim and I noticed last night he had a pretty cool song which I can't think of. Or maybe it was someone else, but it led us to talking about "Where is My Mind?", which Lenny DiNardo used to use, so it must've been cool.

Wakefield/Garza tonight, 7:10.

Bill Mueller's use of Tom Sawyer set the song-you-don't-expect-to-hear-at-a-baseball-game bar very high.
I cannot agree more with (Ryan).

Bailey used 'Moby Dick' in Pawtucket forever. In case you weren't 100% sure he was a stoner.

At one time, I approved Lowell's use of 'Iron Man', until I read in his book that he'd never heard the song before a couple of years ago. That's pretty weak.

A-Rod's song used to be 'This is Why I'm Hot'.

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