Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sara's All-Palin-drome Team

On Joy last night, I saw that Salas was in the game and noted he was on the all-palindrome team. I searched the 'net to see if someone had made a list. Found this one:

Mark Salas
Dick Nen
Robb Nen
Eddie Kazak
Toby Harrah
Johnny Reder
Dave Otto
Truck Hannah

So that's a good starting point. But you have to add the Salas from last night and another one: Juan Salas and Marino Salas. I found some minor league 'dromes, Dean Anna and Eric Sees. That's all I got for now.

We also talked about guys who hit home runs in cities with the same name as them. More on that later.

My homey Joey Castig was all over this on the radio broadcast, as well.
Nice! I shoulda known... I'm pretty sure Rem and DO didn't notice. Or just didn't care.

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