Thursday, September 25, 2008

Possibilities Are Endless

A new possibility for Moose: With all the rain this weekend, all three games of the Yankee series might not be played. But on Sunday, Moose will be out there on the absolute final day of the regular season, sitting on 19 wins. What if he were to have a 10-0 lead going to the bottom of the fifth? And what if it starts to drizzle? And what if he got two outs? And then the rain starts coming down harder? And then Jeter botches an easy grounder? And then ApRod does the same, keeping the inning alive, as the downpours arrive? And then the game is delayed? And then after three hours, the game is called? Or, it's resumed but there's absolutely no way Moose can go back to the mound? And he finishes one out away from his first 20-win season?

Like, wouldn't that be awesome and stuff?


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