Monday, September 22, 2008

Pomp & Circlejerks

The Yankees bid farewell to their fans last night, as the franchise prepares for its move to Mars. Oh wait, across the street.

Actually, maybe last night's overthetopfest was a farewell--none of those fans will be able to afford a seat next year...

(You do know I could write a hundred pages on what went on last night and that I'm just trying to ignore it, right? Especially the part where actors dressed as '20s players were trotted out... Hey, wouldn't it have been funny if Wade Boggs had gotten kicked by a horse?)

I have heard, but cannot verify, that after the last person left the stadium, it slowly lifted skyward accompanied by soft music and gentle lighting. And that the ground where it had previously been sitting now is covered with wildflowers and baby deer. But that makes me wonder, if it was such a revered baseball artifact, why is it being replaced?

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