Friday, September 26, 2008


3:00 and still no news on tonight's game. But SRO tix are available, and I'd think this game would become the second game on Sunday, so if you buy those, you'd get to go on the nice day, see Mussina fail at his bid for 20, and maybe see the Pesky thing depending on how they re-schedule everything. Or you could wait till official word is in that tonight is cancelled, and then quickly buy tickets so you can go to the make-up game with them.

The point is, you've got options. But I really hope they don't play in this tonight, since I've been blowing my nose all day. Upwards of 500 times, I'd say. You know how my colds are.

Soo tempting. It'd be great to see a final game of the season, but I've got plans for sunday that I'm not willing to break.

Thanks for sharing your ticket-fu with us all.

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