Saturday, September 20, 2008

NEIBA: Not Just A Word Said By Mushmouth

Today was the NEIBA (New England Independent Booksellers Association) trade show in Boston. I signed copies of Dirty Water for a half-hour. I had a fun time--my mom's at a wedding in a far away state, so I was flying solo on this one. This wasn't a public booksigning, so I had mainly owners of bookshops approaching me. Everyone was really nice, and despite my lifelong struggle with my "signature," it all went off without a hitch. And I brought exactly enough books for the number of people who were lined up to meet me. One dude asked me to sign for his fantasy baseball team--the Purple Scanties! Another person knew of our book from Surviving Grady's review, which is cool.

I'll keep you updated on events you can actually go to...

Glad it went well!
Too bad you didn't have a series of rubber stamps of your signature font...

Sounds like it went well. Congrats.
Thanks, L. Thanks, Newy. Nice call on the font, ha.

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