Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Media Idiots Get It Wrong As Usual

To sum up: Red Sox schedule press conference for 5:30 regarding Johnny Pesky. Certain media outlets scoop the team, saying Pesky's number will be retired, adding it will "likely" be Saturday--a game I'm going to. I should've known they were just making shit up. The press conference comes on, and they announce the ceremony will be Friday. (Maybe I'll trade Sat for Fri, we'll see.)

Funny moment at the press conference, when Johnny was talking about his old teammates from the '40s: "I'm sure you folks over thirty remember them." Know of them, Johnny. Can't quite say I have a memory of their playing days thirty years before I was born. Oh, also, I predict on Friday you'll see a shot of Pesky's 6 on the facade that blurs and refocuses on the Pesky Pole right in front of it in the foreground. Or Miami Vice Versa.


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