Friday, September 05, 2008


Beckett returns, goes five shutout innings and gets the W. Lowell returns and hits a dong and a ribbie double and a ribbie single.

The Devil Rays are now 1-3 in the key month of September, as they lose to Toronto. So we're 2.5 back. Even in a worst case scenario, we're only 4.5 back going into the three-game series with them next week, which I would've signed up for last week. More likely we'll be between 1.5 and 3.5 back. And best case, we're .5 back. At that point we play the Rays 6 of the next 10 games. It's gonna be fun. The Rays are in for a surprise, I say.

And there seems to be news that Ghostbusters 3 will indeed be happening! When I was talking about that movie recently, and how next year will be its 25th birthday, I definitely thought that GB3 was due. That story says it'll be a couple of years before it's out.

Finally, check out this pic I took from a recent trip Kim and I took. Can you guess where it is?

Well, it doesn't look like Old Lyme Shores.
Block Island?
Kara got it--Block Island.

I'll post more about it--but in the meantime, Kim put up a bunch of my pix.
Looks awesome! I'm dying to go there someday- glad you guys had a nice day.
I was gonna guess the Forbidden Zone. I was assuming that the Statue of Liberty is half-buried right around the bend.
Nice call!

And Kara, go! It's superfun.
I don't remember anything from GB2. Should I watch the 2nd before going to the 3rd or is there no plot development to follow?

I miss the GH.

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