Friday, September 26, 2008

I Didn't Buy These But You Should

Again, I got all my tickets for the weekend earlier in the day, but right now, head to the team site and you can get what I just turned up above--4 together in the grandstand for Sunday. Also saw infield grandstand, four together, and a few rows up in dead center, four together, for Friday night. I hope you're awake because these'll be gone in the morning....

Again, the seats pictured, I just pulled up five minutes ago, but did not buy (so don't look for me there)-just proving this really is true. It's not "impossible" to get tickets--it's rather easy, and you can do it for face value. Some people still don't believe me so I like to provide as much proof as possible...

Hi Jere-We went to last night's game. We were given some really great tickets in the field box right in front of where the on-deck batters stand. 5th row! It was great! I've never sat in seats that close before. Steven King was about 25 feet to our right. It was a beautiful night! (and the win made it even better!)

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