Friday, September 19, 2008

Here We Are Now, Round That Table

MVN's weekly roundtable is up. You can read my thoughts on this week's question over there.

Moo Swatch! Mike Mussina has never won 20 games in a season. He got his 18th last night. He'll pitch Tuesday, and again on the next Sunday--the final game of the regular season, at Fenway Park. A loss Tuesday would be no fun--that would end the drama too early. I'd prefer a win on Tuesday, then he goes into Fenway on Sunday, pitches 8 shutout innings and leaves with a 19-0 lead, and then the bullpen comes in and on strictly walks, hit batters, wild pitches, and Derek Jeter errors, gives up 20 runs in the bottom of the ninth to a lineup of back-up Red Sox players. Moose takes the loss, retires having never won 20.

*in 1991, with my parents constantly having to hear "Smells Like Teen Spirit" coming out of their family room TV set, my dad would mock the line "here we are now, entertain us" with his own version, "here we are now, 'round the table," which he later further un-rock-ified by changing "the" to "that."
While I'd like to see Mussina be thwarted in his quest for 20 victories, I take much greater satisfaction knowing he'll retire ringless given that he spurned the Sox and signed with the MFYs in 2001 partly because he assumed he'd have a much better chance to win a championship in pinstripes. You chose poorly, Mikey...
I'm just tryin' to find a ray of Yankee-hating hope in a season where the Yanks have already met all our needs.

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