Thursday, September 25, 2008

From Me To You

All year, multiple times a day I check "the schedule." The little Ts appear for all the games except Yankee games. Inspired by the fact that they appeared for the April series, and I got two games and could've gotten all three--I kept a close eye on this final series.

Just now, the Ts appeared! Wanna go to Pesky night? Go ahead. Singles in the bleachers available. Wanna go to Saturday or Sunday? Buy those, too, at face value, and laugh at the people who end up sitting next to you who paid 100 bucks for 26-dollar bleacher seats. (Oh, and remember, when ordering, if it says "tickets not available" or something, you know what to do. Try again. I just got one for tomorrow night.

I would advise looking at the forecast, though. But I figure with a ticket to Friday and the ones I already had for Saturday, I should get to see the Pesky thing. [Bonus: Just grabbed a SRO for Sunday in case Friday and Saturday are both rained out and the only game of the weekend is Sunday.]

There's hardly a day goes by that I don't wish I lived closer to Fenway, but there are moments like these when it's particularly true.

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