Friday, September 26, 2008

The Final Minutes Of The Division Race?

Man, that dude at Extra Bases can't win. After the two egregious errors of the last week, tonight he says that if the Red Sox and Yankees play five innings tonight, he'll eat his media guide. We're currently in the bottom of the seventh.

As a ticketholder for tonight's game, I'd like to thank that site and the newspaper that writes it for specifically giving me every indication that the game wouldn't be played and not to go to the park, even to the point of saying, "I wouldn't make any long drives down to Fenway tonight."

Okay, to be fair, I'm sick. I shouldn't have been outside tonight. And the score is currently 16-5 Yanks. But what if you had tickets and you've never been to Fenway? Or never seen Red Sox-Yankees? Anyway, I'll see if I'm well enough to go tomorrow. (I won't listen to Extra Bases, which should be called The Opposite of Everything That's Correct Bases, or, who also clearly had no idea what the weather would be tonight.)

But I'm definitely going Sunday for Pesky day.

Update: 12:50 AM: We lose 19-8. But you know what happens after we lose 19-8 to the Yanks at home! (I was surprised TC mentioned that right when the game ended, but I can assure you I thought of it as soon as it went to 19-8, since I was at the last 19-8 game.)

I'm sick. I shouldn't have been outside tonight. And the score was awful. But I had tickets and even though I've practically lived at Fenway this summer, I went.

Was it worth it? Yes.
A Youk home run. A bird nestled in a little nook in the concrete next to my seat. (At first I thought it was a hawk - right coloring but wrong beak. But I think my story will be that The Hawk sat next to me at a Yankees game.) Some up-close-and-personal Yankee heckling (not by me). A little time in a new vantage point in the all-sensible-people-have-gone-home seat free-for-all. (It was nice watching you work, Jason.) And one of the precious few remaining times I'll get to see Fenway and see the Sox in person until next season.
That's my kind of commenter! It really was the type of game we dream of--nobody around, and neverending. I just couldn't do it, though, being sick, being an hour away, and knowing I had tix the next two days--and I had to keep telling myself I really only bought the Friday ticket in case they had the Pesky thing that night.
Jere, hello. Off topic but I needed to say this. We just lost Paul Newman, gone at the age of 83. He will be missed, so very much.
Same thing happened on May 2nd, only better because it was all starters - the whole park was ours for the taking, so we spent some time hanging at the bullpen among other places. We got to hear the actual call (ring ring) to the bullpen and chatted with Billy the bullpen cop.

I'm there today and tomorrow too - maybe I'll see you. We can share decongestants.

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