Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fenway's Dimensions All The Way Around

If you click on "view larger map" below this map, then zoom in a couple of times, and read the key at left, you'll know what I'm talking about below. (Sorry, I ran out of markers and had to start using combs and stuff.)

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Okay, last night Lou Merloni was talking about a deep fly ball to right field that one of the Devil Rays hit. It was to the left of the 380 marker. Lou said "that's 390 out there." Okay, 380 to the right edge of the visitors' bullpen, you go a little toward center, where the ball was hit, that's about 390. Wrong! I'd looked at this earlier on Google Maps (you can draw lines and it shows the distance in feet) and was kind of surprised that all along that right field fence, the distance from home plate didn't vary that much. In fact, as you go toward center, the distance gets shorter and shorter (down to 375-ish at the green pushpin) until the middle of the bullpens, then starts getting longer again, but only back to about 383 at the point the wall juts out at the triangle (purple-ish marker), reaching it's farthest point from home, 420 feet at the top of the triangle.

So I guess they put that 380 mark in that spot (blue flag) because that's about the farthest point from home plate betweeen Pesky's Pole and the middle of the home bullpen (the bullpen closer to center).

It's also interesting to see how the left field distances start going up very slowly as you go along the Monster, but gradually speed up. That first mark I made (light blue teardrop) is 320, only 10 feet more than the 310 distance down the line (yellow wrench), but then the distances between 330 and 340, 350 and 360, etc, get very short, out to the 379 marker. Then you can see the distance to straightaway center--under 400 feet. I did my best starting my lines right on home plate and ending them right at the walls, so they are not exact, but close.

*Lou may have just meant to say 380--but surely plenty of people assumed the distance went UP as you went from right toward center, so that just gave me an excuse to post this.


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