Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eck Freezes Over

The White Sox beat the Twins to claim the central. But more importantly, the nation got its first taste of what we Sox fans experience all the time: the utter madness that is midlife crisis-era Dennis Eckersley.

Going in, I feared the worst. That Eck would say one regrettable thing, then follow it up with four more in a desperate attempt to undo the first one. Followed the next night by a new host in his place, with the others "never speaking of this again."

But TBS surprised me. They prepared for the coming of Eck. They just went with it. When he'd say a wacky line, they'd replay it and Johnson and Ripken would laugh at it. By the end, they had Dennis's face superimposed on a doctor holding a stethoscope, with the caption, "THIS WON'T HURT...MUCH." (That's actually true.)

Isn't this weird? It's like they found a way to merge "think they're funny" sports journalism with stuff that isn't supposed to be funny but is hilarious. Tripleheader tomorrow--check it out for yourself.


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