Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Deity Damn It

I remember watching the game on Sunday and seeing Pap come in with a big lead right before a huge series and wondering why. So tonight was his third game in a row, and he didn't have it. A great bottom-8, two out comeback on a Bay dong wasted.

You know what I blame, don't you? The stupid new camera angle! After a week of no cable, followed by a road series, followed by a view from the bleachers, I turned the game on tonight and was immediately disappointed, having forgot about the "new" (or "evil") camera angle. I watched from a cloud, thinking every fly ball was a home run, especially Papi's in the ninth.

But a win tomorrow means we won the series and closed to within a half-game. And since the wild card is ruining yet another great division race, it doesn't matter much anyway, since both teams are already in.

Wow, the Jays have won 10 in a row. Perfect. They'll be ready to be cooled off this weekend. Four games, with the doubleheader on Saturday. And the Rays will be playing the Yanks, who better be trying like they were last time against Tampa.

You know who I blame? Paps for throwing absolute meatballs tonight. When was the last time he actually threw a 1-2-3 inning? And Tito for letting Tek and Coco bat in the 9th. Weren't Drew and Casey available? Why was Tek bunting?!? And why, with Ellsbury on 3rd base, was Coco trying to hit the ball in the air?!? He should have just been trying to slap a ground ball between 3rd and short...

Very frustrating game, particularly considering the circumstances. And really sucks to squander Bay's heroics.
And it will matter when we're stuck playing the Angels on the road in the ALDS, instead of the White Sox at home...the latter looks a helluva lot easier.
i said "won't matter MUCH," because I didn't wanna get into it.

maybe Coco forgot how many outs there were, like he forgot the score the other night.

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